FERRMS Solutions Services

We provide unique services to meet your technical needs. Why insist on us? Other than the simple fact that we have your best technical interests at heart, we pride ourselves in genuine and rich service with the passion to deliver projects that result into an overall rewarding experience.

We work with some of the leading organizations across the public and private sector. We look to hire individuals with strong leadership traits who are reliable with sharp analytical minds, creativity, and team players.

Our vast range of services include the following;

Application Development

Application Development varies from website to mobile applications development for a company. Either of the applications can be tailored and custom suited to the match the company preferences.

Web Application Development: this is an online application of a company, giving the client the convenience to use his computer to keep records and track his business. This gives a complete illustration of the company’s functions and an overview of the company can be seen. This creates link to foster a relationship between the business and the client.

Mobile Application Development: A mobile application is made to aid the clients company or products to be spread at even a wider convention. This puts into consideration the various target users and gives access to the various users as they can access their applications from their mobile devices and is tailored to keep the users attention to complete a task with minimum functions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO allows the company website to be easily accessed on any search engine by any user. Using essential tools to ensure that your company information stays at the top of the search results.

Email Marketing

We are involved in marketing your company and its services through the use of emails. It serves the purpose of enhancing the relationship between the seller and the buyer by encouraging loyalty from the customer and furthermore attracting new customers to purchase items. In addition to this it serves as a follow up or feedback channel to ensure communication between the customer and the company.

Social Media Marketing

We create a platform and a presence for our clients in the social media scene. Hence attracting a diverse and dynamic audience to the clients’ site. This also serves for promotional and communication purposes to our clients’ benefit.

Maintenance (IT Infrastructure)

We provide hardware and software maintenance for services as a form of guarantee for most of our offerings. As custom, we provide 2-3 years’ maintenance service for most of our services and have 24/7 support line.


We offer IT training at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to students, staff of a company and other interested parties. These trainings can be conducted in the school or at designated seminar points. The following training sessions include seminars and pitching sessions but not limited to, that run for various designated periods of time, giving both staff and students the opportunity to have in-depth knowledge about generic or specific IT disciplines.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems

We provide business management software suitable for your business. Enabling the business to collect, store, manage and effectively interpret the information collected from the daily, weekly, monthly or annual business activities necessary to support various business functions.

Strategic content development

We provide web content development services which involve researching, writing, editing and organising publications for the website. This involves the development of the ideal documentation and media content for the website’s maximum efficiency.

General Supply of IT Equipment

We supply all types of IT Equipment ranging from Servers (installation inclusive), PCs, Laptops, Monitors, etc.

IT Training

With our Team of dedicated Experts in their various fields, we train across most IT courses and will provide certification when necessary.